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Finance and Administration Operations

UNCG remains open for business and will continue to serve students to the best of our ability. This webpage provides a detailed list of the services offered by Finance and Administration during the university’s response to the Coronavirus. Please check back often as this information is subject to change.

The University is closely monitoring the rapidly changing 2019 Novel Coronavirus situation. Additional information and updates on the Coronavirus can be found at UNCG’s Coronavirus Health Alert webpage.

Click or tap the buttons below to see how our units can serve you under these difficult circumstances.

Last Updated: 7/31/2020

University Mail

Campus Mail
Effective Friday, July 24, 2020, the Postal Mail Carriers have relocated from 525 Tate Street (Print Shop) to 106 Moran Commons. Beginning Monday, August 3, 2020, campus buildings are re-opening. At that time, the National Courier services (UPS, FedEx, DHL, etc) will resume their standard deliveries for departments and Postal Services will cease to receive these deliveries.

Beginning Monday, August 3, 2020, campus buildings are re-opening. At that time, the National Courier services (UPS, FedEx, DHL, etc) will resume their standard deliveries for departments and Postal Services will cease to receive these deliveries.

We have created a sign up form (see link) to assist in scheduling deliveries. Using the form in the link below, please indicate available time slots that you or someone from your department can meet a Postal Carrier at the listed building to receive packages. We will also use this form to confirm which departments have returned to campus. This allows us to consider your department in our initial routes as we begin delivering campus mail once again. Please note that your Carrier may be different as well as the time of arrival. We are still making changes to our routes in an effort to be more efficient and to help Shield our Spartans.

Return to Campus Delivery

Student Mail
Beginning Monday, August 3, 2020, Student mail services will be resuming normal operations.

Entrance to Moran Commons will be limited through the Spartan Market. Signage will be up to direct.

If you have an additional question about postal services, you may call (336) 256-0147.


The University Bookstore closed the physical store and will remain closed until further notice. However, the website remains open and is extending free ground shipping for summer 2020 textbook orders to avoid disruption in services during this time. Please feel free to call or email us with any questions yet so that we can assist you.

If you don't see your course or section listed on our website, it means the bookstore has not received any course material information from your instructor yet.

Check our website frequently - we update it daily as we get new orders.

The Bookstore will continue to accept orders online for delivery, though you may experience longer shipping times than usual. You may contact the manager, Brad Light, with questions at (336) 334-5563.

Individuals who rented textbooks, may return rentals any time before the due date by generating a free shipping label here.

During COVID-19 modified operations, refunds will be processed once operations return to normal.

Dining Operations

Dining will send out a weekly menu of the daily specials each Friday. The weekly menu may also be found online at: All to-go meals may be picked up in the Spartan Market at Moran Commons between the hours of 11:00 AM – 6:00 PM. Students may pick up all three daily meals or come throughout the open hours as they wish. Each meal will require a swipe or cost $5. The Spartan Market will continue to provide drinks, snacks, frozen foods and sundries for purchase.

Entrance to Spartan Market will be made through the outside door. Signage will be in place to identify the entrance.

Campus Transportation & Parking

Individuals with questions about transportation or parking may call 336-334-5681.

The campus shuttle service will discontinue service as of 5:00 PM, March 27, 2020 until further notice.

  • ❖ 10:30 AM - 1:30 PM
  • ❖ 4:00 PM - 6:00 PM

Additional parking information:

  • ❖ Park and Ride will be closed. Holders of E/WE/KE/ME permits may park in C Commuter lots.
  • ❖ EB Permit holders may park in B spaces.
  • ❖ Parking decks are available for at no charge during the COVID-19 event.


If departments have critical SpartanCard needs, please call 336-334-5651.

Spartan Printing

If departments have critical printing needs, please email or call Wyndell Earls at (336) 334-5220.

Last Updated: 3/23/2020

Emergency Management is operational on-campus and continues to staff the main phone line at 336-256-8632. EM has someone on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. An outline of current services is provided below:

  • Emergency Management Program Administration - Fully operational
  • Hazard Identification, Risk Assessment, and Mitigation - COVID-19 related only
  • Incident Prevention - As needed
  • Emergency Operational Planning - COVID-19 related only
  • Incident Management/Coordination - Fully operational
  • Resource Management, Mutual Aid, and Logistics - COVID-19 related only
  • Communications and Warning - Fully operational
  • Emergency Facilities Management - Reduced operations due to social distancing
  • Training - COVID-19 related only
  • Emergency Public Information and Education - Fully operational

Last Updated: 3/27/2020

To continue providing necessary services to the campus, while adhering to social distancing requirements to help reduce the continued transmission of COVID-19, the following working arrangements have been made for our respective service areas.

Facilities Operations

Facilities Operations is transitioning to limited functionality based on the staffing availabilities and the stay at home directive. As of March 27, 2020, our maintenance areas are available on campus or on-call to provide necessary services during business hours. All service areas including Building and Trades (Carpentry and Paint, Lock Shop and Zone maintenance), Customer Service Center, Energy Management, Utilities (Electrical, HVAC, plumbing, steam and life safety) and Waste, Recycling and Reduction are staffed.

The Facility Services Department will provide daily skeleton coverage of public areas only and daily restroom checks at the following buildings:

  • ❖ Mossman
  • ❖ Walking Parking Deck
  • ❖ Environmental Health and Safety
  • ❖ Human Resources
  • ❖ UNCG Police Department
  • ❖ Sullivan Science
  • ❖ Eberhart Building
  • ❖ School of Education Building
  • ❖ Stone Building

Additional coverage and services will be provided only as requested by calling our Facilities Operations Customer Service Center at 336-334-5684. Requests can also be submitted online via email to All after hours emergencies would continue being reported through UNCG Police at 336-334-4444.

Environmental Health and Safety (EHS)

Environmental Health and Safety will continue to operate with one person in the office during business hours to field calls until 31st of March, at which time EHS will reevaluate and see if there is a possibility of stopping the office coverage and transitioning completely to remote working. The remainder of the staff are actively working from home and on call to report to campus as needed. All essential services will continue as needed. Non-essential services will be evaluated by the Director of Environmental Health and Safety.

For questions about services please call 336-334-4357 during business hours.

Facilities Design and Construction (FDC)

The entire Facilities Design and Construction team is currently working remotely. Completion of our construction projects remains a priority, while being mindful of the new University, state, and federal guidelines related to health and safety. The FDC team will continue to provide design, construction coordination, and implementation of priority projects. To ensure productivity and progress, FDC team continues construction site visits as needed to maintain close communication and collaboration with the construction firms working on campus.

For questions about services or to reach our automated directory assistance please call 336-334-5269. Messages left on this number will be monitored and triaged throughout the day.


Work in other areas including HUB (Historically Underutilizes Business), Capital Improvement Administration, and Business support continues remotely.

Last Updated: 6/08/2020

BANFINs/Invoices/Travel Forms
Complete documentation and approvals continue to be required.

Campus Mail Remittance - No change. Remit the original documents with appropriate signatures.

Email Remittance - Remit a scan of the documents with appropriate signatures via email.

  • ❖ Can take a picture of the invoice with appropriate signatures on your smartphone for attachment.
  • ❖ Can include approvals of each approver via their UNCG email address. Prefer one continuous email chain.
  • ❖ If you are not the appropriate person to sign, then email the image to the appropriate person. The last approver will need to forward the email to All emails with invoices, should have "Invoice" in the subject line. Note on your original “emailed” and date emailed. It will be important to avoid duplication of invoices for the department to keep the original. Questions can also be sent to

JV Forms
Same processes as above, except emails and/or questions should be sent to

Payroll Related Forms (Not HR Forms)
Same processes as above, except emails and/or questions should be sent to

Expense vs Revenue due to COVID-19 Cancellations

Funds Returned to UNCG by Vendor
When a vendor returns all or a portion of a payment that reduces or eliminates a previously recorded expenditure, the deposit should be made to the same fund and expenditure account where the original expense was incurred.

Funds Returned by UNCG to Payor
When UNCG returns all or a portion of a deposit for not rendering services or other activities, the transaction should be recorded to the same fund and revenue account where the original deposit was posted.

Please continue to review your monthly reports and let Accounting know if you see any discrepancies.

Purchase Orders/Pcards

  • ❖ eMarketplace remains the same
  • ❖ Pcards remains available for use
  • ❖ Deliveries can be received on campus, see Campus Enterprises site for details and instructions
  • ❖ To ensure that packages to be delivered by DHL, FedEx and UPS are delivered to Moran Commons for central pick-up, choose the UNCG-Business Center for the ship-to address on your order. To find this address in eMarketplace, search for any word in the address: BUSC99, Moran, 1209 North. The Contact name is the person who will pick up the package.
  • ❖ Use Activity Code CORONA for related purchases incurred due to the public health emergency with respect to the COVID-19

Purchasing rules have not been relaxed. We encourage you to utilize the Pcard whenever possible.

PCard limits: $4,999 per item, $10,000 per day, and $25,000 per month. It will also be important to reconcile your Pcard transactions timely.

Contracts for the acquisition of goods and services still require prior review and approval of the Purchasing Office. Utilize the Contract system if your department has been onboarded or email to or Richard Fleming,

Request for Delivery to a Residential (Personal) Address

  • ❖ Must have prior written approval and deemed essential by your department head or chair
  • ❖ PCard is the preferred method and all documentation, including prior approval by department head or chair, must be attached to the transaction in the WORKS system
  • ❖ eMarketplace (including PCard Orders) cannot be used for delivery to a residential (personal) address
  • ❖ The purchases of office chairs or desks are not allowed for delivery to home addresses

Questions can be sent to or

The Cashier's office has two drop boxes. An interdepartmental envelope with return address should be used for any departmental deposits. Students will need to include their UNCG ID number on payments. Student payments can also be made on UNC Genie on the Student Account Center.

Offices that accept credit card payments should continue to submit their Departmental Credit Card Deposit Slip daily. Please do not fax these forms. These forms should be completed emailed to,, and

Questions can be sent to

Dual Employment
Dual employment forms should be handled similar to invoices. Scan or take a picture of the forms after the initial signature and send the image to the next person who needs to sign it. The final person would forward to the Budget Office. Dual employment checks from other universities should be wire transfers

Most budget transactions can be entered online.

Questions can be sent to

Contracts and Grants
The Contracts and Grants Office will continue to process all incoming paper accounting forms and emails of scanned documents. Contact your Grant Specialist for specific grant related questions and review the guidance for researchers on the university website:

Questions can also be sent to: (please include your grant fund number).

Last Updated: 6/04/2020

HR Contact Number: (336) 334-5009

In order to help ensure the health and safety of our campus community and visitors, and comply with recommendations from the Center for Disease Control (CDC), the Public Health Department, and in compliance with UNCG Return to Work guidance, our office hours will be Monday - Friday, 10:00 AM - 3:00 PM with limited staffing available. In order to better serve you, we request that you schedule an appointment by emailing a staff member, contacting our main office number, (336) 334-5009, or sending an email to

In most cases, we will be able to schedule you for an appointment no later than the next business day. Most services will continue to be performed remotely and we ask you to limit face to face interactions to those that are very sensitive in nature or cannot be done remotely.

We are adhering to social distancing which includes operating with limited staffing, scheduling appointments to minimize the number of additional individuals in the building at one time, and meeting in areas that allow for six feet of separation. We ask that you please wear a mask when visiting our office.

Almost all services, which include the following, are being performed remotely:

  • ❖ Recruitment - posting of positions, completing hiring proposals, criminal background checks, new appointment letters, etc.
  • ❖ Classification - new positions, reallocations, position changes
  • ❖ Compensation - market/in-range adjustments, interim appointments, additional duties assigned, additional/supplemental payments
  • ❖ Operations - EPAF's, leave reporting, payroll adjustments
  • ❖ HRIS - teleworking support, communication support, operational systems support, HR IT projects
  • ❖ Benefits - leave administration, benefits orientation, worker's compensation, etc., retirement application processing
  • ❖ EEO - grievance/complaint intake, investigations, EEO applicant review, unemployment, ADA accommodations
  • ❖ Employee Relations - Performance management, employee complaints, discontinuations/notifications of separation, assistance with COVID-19 questions
  • ❖ Learning and Organizational Development - Face to face classes through mid-April have been cancelled or moved to on-line, New Employee Orientation has been moved to online for the next two sessions and individuals have been notified.
  • ❖ New hires who are being hired to support the University's COVID-19 response.

There may be delays in services requiring coordination of staff members due to the length of time it takes to communicate via phone, email, Zoom, etc.

Please refer to guidance regarding HR Actions for additional information.

Last Updated: 3/25/2020

Planning, Performance, and Emerging Technology is fully operational but working remotely for the sake of social distancing. Greg Hodges remains on site and is available by phone (336-334-4313) or email ( if help or support is needed. Services include:

  • ❖ Banner Finance and HR Security Access
    • ♦ Complete documentation and approvals continue to be required. Forms can be found here:
    • ♦ Campus Mail Remittance - No change. Remit the original documents with appropriate signatures.
    • ♦ Email Remittance - Remit a scan of the security request documents with appropriate signatures via email.
      • • Can take a picture of the security request form with appropriate signatures on your smartphone for attachment.
      • • Can include approvals of each approver via their UNCG email address. Prefer one continuous email chain.
      • • If you are not the appropriate person to sign, then email the image to the appropriate person. The last approver will need to forward the email to Wendy Brown at
  • ❖ Business Systems Support
  • ❖ Quality Management – Service Catalog, Process Mapping and Evaluation, Standard Operating Procedures, etc.
  • ❖ Transactional Reporting
  • ❖ Systems Updates and Testing
  • ❖ Strategic Planning and Assessment
  • ❖ Vice Chancellor Backup and Operational Support

Last Updated: 3/23/2020

Police Communications Center: (336) 334-4444

University Police continue to operate as close to normal as possible, with only minor changes. An outline of current services is provided below:

  • Law Enforcement
    We continue to provide law enforcement services as needed but we are taking some less critical reports by phone or online if circumstances permit.

  • Crime Prevention and Safety
    We maintain a visible presence on campus by walking through all buildings and patrolling the community 24/7. We also are keeping the building secured, responding to calls/alarms, and monitoring movement in campus facilities.

  • Community Engagement
    With respect to social distancing, we still try to engage everyone that is on campus. We are coordinating our efforts with emergency management and other first responders to engage the community.

  • Communications
    Communications continues to monitor all public safety systems including fire, access, and panic alarms as well as incoming calls for service, and our campus camera and public safety radio systems.

  • Field Operations
    Field Operations patrols the campus, walks through the buildings, and responds to the calls for service. They are the primary response readiness unit for critical incidents and preliminary investigations.

  • Support Services
    Support Services investigates criminal cases, manages evidence, and handles logistics. They are the primary contingency unit for investigations, supplemental manpower, and patrol.

  • Administration
    Planning, coordinating, scheduling, and supervising all response activities; including personal protective equipment, patrol tactics, and strategic response.

Last Updated: 3/23/2020

The Office of Institutional Risk Management is fully operational but working remotely for the sake of social distancing. Services available to campus include:

  • ❖ Procuring insurance for the campus community
  • ❖ Insurance consultation
  • ❖ Processing insurance premiums
  • ❖ Filing claims and assistance with filing claims
  • ❖ Reviewing contracts for proper insurance coverage
  • ❖ Performing and assisting with departmental risk assessments
  • ❖ Engaging the broader university community to discuss key risk issues

These services can be accessed through our website and directly by phone (Tammy Downs: 336-256-1102; Mark McKinney: 336-334-3700).